TIKETBLOK is the app that revolutionize the way we buy tickets



Setting an appropriate ticket price that meets market demands is a challenge. Promoters generally tailor the ticket prices by following intuition, historic data and calculating costs and profits.

There is a key factor that has never been taken into account before: the buyer’s opinion.

We at Tiketblok give a voice to the FANS. By using our algorithm Solomon to assign the tickets, we are able to offer the best prices to fans while we maximize the financial return of the event.

Resale at secondary market platforms is one of the biggest problems for fans, artists and event organizers.

Smart Tickets: All our tickets are held in our App and our encrypted ticket ID makes them impossible to be resold outside our platform.

Tiketblok allows FANS to post their tickets back in the app and get their money back in the event they can’t attend the show (only if tickets are sold again).

We bring the secondary market back to the primary business. If a fan is willing to pay more than the recommended price, these sales will always be under the promoter control.

We know who buys the tickets but we don´t know anything about who attends the event.

Buyers usually buy tickets for more people and very often do not even attend the event. We dont know who is in the house.

The only way to access the venue is using your smart phone. The Smart Ticket cannot be printed.

In addition to increasing the security of the event, this allows us to know each attendee so we can deliver him personalized offers during and after the event.

When the venues full capacity is not reached, the promoter is forced to modify the prices manually or make offers to optimize the financial return of the event.

Furthermore, the promoter has no information about the potential buyers: how many there are, how much are they willing to pay, who they are, etc.

Tiketblok optimizes the ticket sales by repricing them correctly according to the FANS offers.

Everyone who tries to buy a ticket is identified and registered. This generates an invaluable Big Data that helps the promoter and the rest of the event agents in their decisions: perhaps to open a new show in new cities or a new marketing approach, etc.

During  high demand on-sales, FANS suffer never-ending virtual queues while a big part of the tickets end up in resellers hands. Resellers use bots in order to get all the tickets they can.

During Tiketblok on-sales, FANS can put their proposal anytime before the “pre-sale” ends. Once each presale is closed, our system assigns the tickets automatically according to the FANS proposals. Using Ticketblok Virtual Queues and Bots are gone.