TIKETBLOK manages the economic potential of events benefiting both users and promoters.

FANS know the number of tickets offered, how many other fans are interested in the event and the time left to make a proposal, along with the average price that the other fans are offering. With this data, FANS can decide the amount they want to invest in the event.

Tiketblok receives the requests and assigns the tickets according to the supply and demand.

Since offers can be made anytime while bloks are open, virtual queues are eliminated.

The user avoids sitting for hours at a computer trying to buy a ticket only to fail due to the volume of simultaneous requests.

We turn a stressful experience into a quick and easy one, allowing us to discover the price that the user is willing to pay.

The Promoterhas a wide range of tools to optimize the venues capacity, ensuring the events maximum financial return.

Promoters, fans, artists and venues avoid secondary ticketing market.

Our system complies with the current European regulations and with the recommendations of the Resale Report of the Ministry of Sports and Culture, as well as the standards required by the application platforms. It is more efficient, transparent, honest and responsible than any other current tool in the market. Its fundamental difference is that it gives a voice to the Fans, turning it into an economic agent with opinion and power of decision.


  • Less tickets sold and lower benefit, average ticket more expensive.


  • More tickets sold and higher benefit, lower average ticket price.